Rail 7 deorext S

Rail 7 deorext S


Rail 7 is a long-travel electric mountain bike built for ripping the big stuff. It features the same high-end trail tech as our analog trail bikes, an upgraded fork, drivetrain, battery, and more, plus a powerful new Bosch drive system that's basically like having your own shuttle.


Size: M
  • Reviews

    Fantastic ride- Well done Trek.

    First time I sat on a friends 7 I knew. 2 weeks later I had one. First ride is a game changer. I'm totally hooked. Laughing on sections that I struggled with on my previous rig. So incredibly smooth, handles even the loose stuff amazingly. blasting down some I would have puckered before. I am sold and in a big way. Stock settings with a set of aluminum pedals and a proper tire pressure. Charge it and rip.

    Everything my wife wanted in an EMTB

    Wife said if I got her an ebike should would start riding with me. I did and she did! She loves the way it rides. Loves the red paint! She is really enjoying getting on the trails and riding with me and our son