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Trail Evo light

Trail Evo light


Behold the Trail Evo. Our flagship light, the sum total of our decades of experience designing automotive optics, all neatly wrapped up in the best bike light we have ever engineered.

Think of this as harnessing the sun to your mountain (or gravel) bike.

An amazingly wide beam pattern with a balanced carpet of light from the front of your tire to where you are looking. Giving you the sensation of riding in daylight.

Zero wires, long battery life, USB-C rapid charging, simple interface, a robust and easy to install quick release mount. What more could you want?

Backed by years of automotive lighting experience, built here in Chicago, IL, and a generous 3-year warranty (with an extended "don't-be-a-jerk" policy) that covers everything, including gnarly crashes, as long as you have a great story behind it!

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