Specialized Alibi

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Every college kid needs an alibi at one time or another- and the Alibi bike is the perfect go-to-school solution to the transportation question. No one wants to leave their S-Works bike outside the science building during class, but the Alibi is an economical workhorse that will get you to class on time with no hassle tires, easy-to-add-a-bike-rack design and great construction.  Too often, tech breakthroughs are measured in wattage efficiency and seconds saved, but we asked ourselves, 'What about the other things that make for an awesome ride?' The answer takes shape in the Alibi, with tires that'll never go flat, a chain that won't rust, and a geometry that just screams comfort. It's everything you need to hit your goals, whether they're to get in shape or get around town in style.

Trek 820

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It's right for you if...

You're ready to try your hand at mountain biking to see if you fall in love, and want a bike you can ride wherever you choose. You plan to ride all types of terrain, from city streets to gravel paths and light singletrack.


Trek H2