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Spring tune-ups for our bodies, minds and bikes

It feels like Spring, oops, it feels like winter, now it's warm again but with snow expected... Here in the White Mountains, the weather changes weekly, daily and even hourly. "Cabin Fever" is the feeling of restlessness we get when we are forced to be inside and inactive for too long. We feel cranky, impatient, irritable and lazy. We take these feelings out on our loved ones, fellow customers in stores and on complete strangers. To combat cabin fever, we need to get moving physically and mentally. We all get restless for spring to show up, and inevitably, the conversation turns to weather, and when can we go out and ride again. There are several things we can do to prepare for this mo

Happy Valentines your heart!

It's abundantly clear that cycling is excellent exercise- easy on your joints and great for muscle elasticity and strength. Cycling outdoors provides unmatched mental stimulation, reduces stress and gives us time to allow our minds to focus and release our daily concerns. This month, being February, is a great time for us to consider our heart health. Cycling is one of the best exercises for heart heath because it provides extended periods of optimal heart rates. Studies have shown that just 150 min a week of moderate physical exercise at 55-85% of your max heart rate can prevent 1 in 12 deaths and 1 in 20 cases of cardiovascular disease. This amount of exercise was found to reduce the