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Happy Holidays!

What do you want for Christmas? What does it mean to want vs need something? I think one of the differences it that the things we need: family, food, clothing, shelter.. are things that we would do pretty much anything to provide for ourselves and our loved ones. These things are the necessities of life and are top priority. If we think that we "need" anything else, we are mistaking need for want. Things we want are things that make our lives easier, more enjoyable and a better passage from one end to the other. At Christmas time, we want to give gifts that fulfill a want, but have to remember that most of these things are not "needs" and it is not always the best idea to break the bank

The weather outside is frightful

Those of us who live in the White Mountains have two choices when winter arrives- we can put on layers of cold-weather gear and go outside anyway or we can supplement the really frightful days with an indoor trainer. At Cycle Mania, we carry the best cold-weather gear we can find- various levels of cold-resistant gloves, leggings or leg/arm warmers, wind jackets and shoe covers. We also carry several levels of CycleOps indoor trainers. Many of the new trainers are "smart trainers" and provide a virtual reality experience through Trainer Road or Zwift. Please stop by and talk to us about your options- go out and enjoy your winter ride in comfort or stay in and stay in shape on a trainer,