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Why we got into cycling (and why there are bikes in our living room!)

It all started when Mike got plantar fasciitis and found himself unable to continue hiking outdoors as he loved to do. A friend suggested that bike riding might help provide exercise other than hiking. Thus, the first bike was acquired from Cycle Mania, owned by Todd Fernau at the time. Mike enjoyed riding occasionally and we bought me (Carol) a used rock hopper 26". During the fall and into winter, weather prevented Mike from riding and I went again to Cycle Mania and purchased a Wahoo Kicker- the beginning of the end! Mike loved the Wahoo and the interactive software and he lost nearly 30 pounds and increased his fitness level exponentially. Another bonus was that the nearly continuous pain he had been experiencing in his joints, especially his knees, nearly disappeared and he began to feel like a new man. One day I came home to find a bright green Stache in our living room- my new bike love! I also found that bike riding made my bad knees feel tremendously better and improved my mental focus and attitude. This leads us to having 7 bikes (gotta have one for each use, after all- mountain, technical, gravel... ) and a bike shop! All because of sore feet. You never know where life might lead you- that's the adventure. Come on by and say Hi- we'd love to talk bikes and share adventures exploring our beautiful White Mountains.

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