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The weather outside is frightful

Those of us who live in the White Mountains have two choices when winter arrives- we can put on layers of cold-weather gear and go outside anyway or we can supplement the really frightful days with an indoor trainer. At Cycle Mania, we carry the best cold-weather gear we can find- various levels of cold-resistant gloves, leggings or leg/arm warmers, wind jackets and shoe covers. We also carry several levels of CycleOps indoor trainers. Many of the new trainers are "smart trainers" and provide a virtual reality experience through Trainer Road or Zwift. Please stop by and talk to us about your options- go out and enjoy your winter ride in comfort or stay in and stay in shape on a trainer, smart, or otherwise. Winter riding in the White Mountains can provide some of the most spectacular scenic views and wildlife viewing opportunities of the year.

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